I have studied at the Accent Français institute for 2 months and my impressions are really positive. The atmosphere is perfect, there’s an excellent technique and lessons are interesting and dynamic. The teaching team is extraordinary and there is a good individual approach. The school is located in Montpellier a marvellous city that inspires, sings and dances. I will carry on studying French but only at Accent Français as for me, there is no better school.


It’s the second time I come to Accent Français. A colleague recommended me this school. My stay was really great: Montpelier is a very young and dynamic city. Courses helped me improve my French a lot. Things I liked the most during my say are the combination between learning French, the pleasure and the cultural exchange with teachers and students. Teachers are really really nice, they help you a lot if you have a problem. I absolutely recommend Accent Français to anyone who want to learn French while enjoying sun, beach and southern French lifestyle!

Janine M.

Fui la ganadora del segundo premio de la Tombola de Accent Français, esta experiencia fue magnifica para mi, totalmente enriquecedora para mi vida profesional y personal. Muchas gracias Accent Français por realizar esta rifa. Estuve dos semanas en el curso estándar con estadía en casa de familia. Me pareció que en estas dos semanas aprendí mucho en el curso con las profesoras, también tuve la oportunidad de conocer personas de diferentes nacionalidades en las clases. Una de las cosas más interesantes es vivir la cultura francesa en la cotidianidad de Montpellier. También me siento muy afortunada por la familia que me acogió allá, me sentí como en casa y también aprendí de la cultura gastronómica y la vida diaria en Montpellier. Recomiendo a Accent Français como escuela para aprender el idioma Francés. Mil gracias!


I have only good things to say about Accent Francais. Overall it was such a nice experience. I took it as a holiday and to get to know something new, but I got so much more. I enjoyed everything from classroom sizes to activities program, but especially I would like to compliment the school about putting together the classes, because we really were some kind of group :) Last and not least many thanks to Leyla and Lucile - our teachers. Thanks to them I can say: Je parle en petit peu francais :)


In March 2016 while in Montpellier I visited five language schools, I finally decided on Accent François because of your representative Maria Gonzalez who was so professional and accommodating. She went through all your literature, costs and what I should expect and then took the time to walk me around all buildings and classrooms and introduced me to a few students. This took about forty five minutes and reassured me, some of the other schools just spent a few minutes going through costs.


I arrived in Accent Français two months ago. I started as a B1 level and now I am in the B2 level. I still have 4 months there and I hope I will better my French even more. I love Accent Français: it is a great school to learn French, teachers are really kind and they help me a lot to become a better student. Lessons are different everyday with spoken and written exercises and there is only a few students per class. Buildings are magnificent, and there are loads of students of different nationalities. I am happy to be there and I like courses.


J’ai bien aimé mon temps à Accent Français, c’était très bien organisé dès le début. J’ai bien aimé la classe d'accueil et le sens d’avoir confiance de l’école pour m’aider chercher mon chemin à Montpellier. Dans son ensemble les professeurs étaient géniaux, les cours étaient bien organisés et le fait que je pouvais voir ce que j’allais faire avec la feuille des sujets de la semaine, ça me permettait de comprendre mon progrès pendant le niveau de B2. J'ai trouvé ma prof formidable, avec les qualités essentielles qu’une bonne prof devrait avoir. Elle était patiente, drôle, bien organisée et avait assez enthousiasme de maintenir la classe concentrée pourtant détendu au même temps. Elle donnait à moi et le reste de la classe envie d’étudier, bien que la grammaire fut difficile, ainsi que la compréhension assez fatigant, Emmanuel maintenait la classe toujours dans le calme et le point culminant de Accent Français était de l’avoir eu comme Prof. Je vous remercie pour cette école superbe, c’était un bon début de ma nouvelle vie à Montpellier et je serais content de vous recommander.


It is my pleasure to say that Accent Français has been one of the best language courses I have ever attended in my long list of courses abroad. I had the priceless opportunity to study there as part of the Leonardo da Vinci programme funded by the EU and I have been absolutely amazed by the overall experience there. Furthermore, it is also thanks to the certificate gained at Accent Français that I was able to apply to more advanced jobs once returned to London and advance in an international career where the knowledge of foreign languages was key. The quality of the study material was great: very relevant learning material linked to contemporary French debates (e.g. when we had to discuss migration in France) so that I felt I didn’t just learn French but also gained a good insight into the society and country I was living in; plus the daily hands-on experiences (such as visiting a chocolaterie or a wine castle) and excursions (to Marseille, to Nimes etc) meant I now have a real understanding of life in the wonderful South of France! Excellent teachers: very friendly, competent and supportive staff, always available for questions, for reviews, for extra time spent in explaining things according to our needs and... Ready to take us all for a nice coffee or a beer after school sometimes! I found this a very natural and yet very effective way to learn as I got to know my course mates and my teachers and I had the chance to practice French in a natural way, making friends of all ages and improving both my academic AND colloquial French skills. Plus, with so many new people to speak to...I never felt alone! Accent Français is situated in a stunning location: Based in the heart of Montpellier, next to some wonderful independent restaurants and cafés and a wonderful independent cinema with plenty of films accessible with student discounts; by being there I met so many new people I am currently still in touch with now after 4 years! Finally, the staff at Accent Français are AWESOME! I had the great opportunity to get to know them, to keep in touch and to go and visit them again two years later; a trip to the South of France will always include Montpellier for me from now on! In conclusion, YES I DO HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone to study there; this is a must-do experience in your lifetime!


If I were to choose for study in a language school, 'ACCENT FRANÇAIS' will be my first option.


I have now been to this school for 2 weeks for 2 years running. I have enjoyed the experience and increased my language skills considerably. I resisted the temptation to persuade a friend to join me so that I would learn more. I was certainly not lonely or bored. I am 63 years old and whilst many students were younger age did not matter - the common focus was on learning the language in a friendly manner .It is extra-ordinary to see the range of nationalities and ages of the people who attend. On the second occasion I stayed with a family who were absolutely delightful and patiently encouraged me in my French conversation. I was also surprised by how much more there was to see and do in Montpellier and the surrounding area (even on a second visit)


Finalizei um mês de curso standard na Accent Français, com a sensação de ter escolhido uma grande escola! Tive a sorte de ter vivido em Montpellier durante este período e de frequentaruma escola tão boa quanto esta. Eu já tinha ótimas referências da AF, mas desde o primeiro dia me surpreendi com a qualidade do serviço oferecido, com a organização e acolhimento de todos profissionais que compõe sua equipe. Logo no primeiro dia, os novos alunos são recebidos com um material detalhado sobre a escola, e seu funcionamento é apresentado por uma equipe muito afetiva e interessada. Desde este dia, me senti bem lá e soube que tinha feito a escolha certa. As aulas são muito interessantes, dinâmicas e profundas, propiciam que o aluno aprenda em um ambiente extremamente agradável, em que diversão e seriedade se combinam de uma forma muito equilibrada. Os professores são muito simpáticos e disponíveis, ajudando o aluno no processo de aprendizagem. A metodologia de ensino também é muito boa, e as aulas contemplam estudo de gramática, vocabulário, leitura, escrita e compreensão oral. O ambiente da escola é bonito e amplo, sendo as salas bem equipadas com instrumentos modernos. A AF também promove várias atividades extra que enriquecem os estudos do aluno, e que também propiciam a integração dos estudantes que querem conhecer outras pessoas da escola (como discussão de filmes, aulas de tutorado, encontros em barzinhos, etc). A relação dos alunos com a cidade também é incentivada, através de tours e excursões oferecidaspor guias muito competentes, que são parceiros da AF. Sem dúvida, quero retornar em algum momento para a escola, para seguir me aprofundando na língua francesa. Não hesitaria também em indicá-la para outras pessoas, pois minha experiência foi maravilhosa


It was an amazing experience. Loved it. Learned a lot. Met so many interesting people from all nationalities. The administration, staff, teachers and other students were very helpful and positive. The excursions and trips were very joyful. I really liked the atmosphere. The location of the school is beeautiful, basically the heart of Montpellier - Place de la comedie! I recommend the school to everyone!!