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Give an international dimension to your studies


Why study in France?

The French education system is recognized worldwide for its excellence and accessibility (school fees, housing, social security, etc.)
Many of the world's most prestigious universities and schools are located in France.
A French diploma will validate your ability to adapt and will open the doors to a career in an international field.

Our Studies Placement Service helps you enroll in university and develop your French skills, in order to best prepare you for your studies in France..


Why study in Montpellier?

Montpellier, a city with a university tradition since the Middle Ages, is classified as the 3rd largest student city in France.
Schools, research centres and universities have an international reputation, Montpellier offers excellent training courses in more than 600 disciplines, the cost of living is adapted to students' budgets and the environment (climate, culture, social life) is one of the most favourable to study.

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Study Placement Service

With Accent Français, your academic career will go further

  • We offer you the benefit of our network and preferential rates granted to Accent Français students
  • We help you find the right professional diploma or certificate for you
  • We support you throughout your application




You complete your registration for your Academic Courses at Accent Français school


You participate in the conferences and presentations of schools and universities that we organize and we answer all your questions about your studies in France.


You choose your school or university.


To check your spoken and written French skills, our Academic Program includes the DELF B2 exam.


We provide you with complete support to help you fill out all the necessary forms and guide you step by step.


We help you to prepare yourself as well as possible for life at the university in France (FOU).



Our ACADEMIC programs allow you to develop academic skills and reach the level of French necessary to enter a university or a High school. Our objective is also to support international students in adapting to life and studies in France.
With Accent Français, you can obtain a degree from a University in France and thus give a considerable boost to your career.




An adapted program:

Specially designed to allow international students to access higher education in France. We help you develop your academic skills and improve your level of French, in order to guarantee your success at university.


Experienced teachers:

Our teachers have been working with international students for many years, and are fully familiar with the academic and linguistic criteria required by universities. With this experience, we help you reach the level necessary to integrate and obtain the diploma of your choice.



Ideal conditions:

With small group classes, private tutors and support workshops, we help you to strengthen your self-confidence and develop a real relationship with teachers and other students. Experts are also available to advise you throughout the program.


Support at each step:

We support you at each step of your experience at Accent Français.

Academic french course

You will find here the different formulas of French courses to prepare your studies in France: French courses before your university enrolment, French courses after your university enrolment, preparation for the Grandes Ecoles…