For the students wishing to register at a French university or higher education in France

Our academic studies department offers you a complete service from consulting to admission.
A dedicated team will be available to help you with all your administrative paperwork before your departure and upon your arrival in France.
Goal : to enter a French university or "grande école" in the best conditions and succeed in your university career in France.

Benefits of studying in France

Studying in France is about obtaining a diploma and internationally recognized qualifications.

Moderate education fees even in private institutes, health insurance, help with housing fees, paid internships, discounts on public transportation and public places, as well as the possibility of being allowed to work at the same time.
All foreign students in France are provided with a residence permit until the end of their studies, then an additional one-year authorization (APS) to find a job or start their own business

Fees for studies in France’s higher education

European Union:

  • Bachelor's degree in the public sector: 170 euros / year
  • Master's degree in the public sector: 243 euros / year
  • Bachelor's degree in the private sector: from 6,000 to 18,000 euros / year
  • Master's degree in the private sector: from 7,000 to 28,000 euros / year

    Foreigners outside the EU:

    • Bachelor's degree in the public sector: 2,770 euros / year
    • Master's degree in the public sector: 3,770 euros / year (more for IAE and English programs)
    • Public schools of architecture, fine arts and engineering: less expensive 
    • Private bachelor's degree: from 6,000 to 18,000 euros / year
    • Master's degree in the private sector: from 7000 to 28 000 euros / year

      Holding a bachelor's or master's degree in France is a guarantee of employment in Europe's second-largest economy. 
      Regardless of your level and field of study, regardless of where you come from, we can help you access the best schools and universities in France. You are a high school student, University students or a working adult? There are many ways for you to join a French higher education institution! 
      ​​​​​​​Although the minimum language level of French to enter a university in France is B2, we advise you to reach the C1 level that will allow you to be more confident when starting your studies.

      Academic Calendar

      Universities and schools usually start in September, but more and more schools are offering a second term in winter or spring. 
      Admission deadlines vary depending upon the university and college. 
      For public schools and (Attention oublii d’un “n”) universities, we advise you to start planning your application at least one year in advance. 
      For private institutions, we advise you to start preparing your application at least six months in advance. 

      Contact us Contact us now to find out more, it's never too early or too late to find the right education program. 

      Application Schedule:

      • Public university L1: Send applications before December 15 for a start in September of the following year.
      • Public university L2, L3, Master 1 or Master 2: Send your application to each university directly, between April and June.
      • University or private schools: Send applications to each university directly and online. Possibility to take the admission interview without TCF/DELF B2 (the school will evaluate the language level itself and will ask for a test later). 

        Available diplomas and areas of study

        Fields of study: management, computing, graphic design, communication, fashion, culinary arts, video games, finance, hospitality, luxury, law, 3D animation... we will find what you are looking for. 

        Diplomas and levels of study required
        • Entry into L1 (private/public): equivalent to baccalauréat required.
        • Entry in L2 or L3: for public, ECTS credits in the targeted discipline. For the private sector, it is also possible to validate prior learning without additional procedures.
        • Entry into M1: for the public sector, a bachelor's degree in the discipline in question or similar. For the private sector, except for engineering and manual studies, it is possible to apply with a bachelor's degree in a discipline other than the one in question. 
        • Entry into M2: for public programs, universities tend to require a Master's degree from non-EU students, otherwise 240 ECTS. For the private sector, a Bachelor's degree in the discipline in question is often acceptable.

          Pathway service

          A degree from a prestigious university or school will definitely boost your international career.
          1. We help you finding the right degree from thousands of different schools and universities in France
          ​​​​​​​2. You benefit from our education network and get exclusive advice​​​​​​​
          ​​​​​​​3. We support you throughout your application process

          The service covers:

          • Counseling about education system in France, application requirements and deadlines, career opportunities and financing options

          • Analysis of your profile and career ambitions

          • Selection of degree courses and universities according to your requirements

          • Help in the preparation of the application file (CV, cover letter, etc.)

          • Preparation for admission interviews

          • Assistance in obtaining or extending a student visa

          • Housing search consultation


          Application to a partner university or private school (more than 100 institutes): the service is free of charge. 
          After a preliminary consultation about your expectations and the available options, we will ask you to pay a deposit of 200 euros to start the application process. This amount will be refunded to you after admission and payment of tuition fees at your school. 

          Application to a public university or non-partner school : 900 euros
          Deposit of 200 euros, then a second payment of 700 euros after the selection of the programs.

          French Language Courses - Choose your Academic Course

          You will find here the different options of French courses to prepare your studies in France: in order to get the B2 level which is demanded for university, or after your application has been accepted in order to improve the language and get ready for starting university in September.  More info about Academic courses

          Our counselors are here to advise and assist