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Why study in France and how?

It doesn't matter what nationality you are or how old you are, whether you come from France or from another country, whether you are a pupil, a student or a worker – you can always enroll in a French University! All you have to do is attain a B2 level in French or even English.

Studying in France is an opportunity to get a diploma and qualification recognized all over the world without spending a lot of money! Students receive many benefits: low tuition, social insurance, rental subsidy, paid internships, discounts on using public transport and visiting public venues, and a legal right to work while studying.

Having a Licence (or a bachelor’s degree) in the LMD system, a master's or postgraduate degree in France is the best way to find a job in this country which has the second-best economy in Europe. International students receive a residence permit that is valid until the end of their studies, then a temporary Resident Permit, or APS ("Autorisation Provisioire de Séjour") for a period of one year so that they can find a job or start their own business.

Regardless of your level, area of study or location, we will help you enroll in the best schools and universities in France and do it remotely.


Other French-speaking countries

Mastering the language of Molière opens the doors of French universities for you, but we can also help you get into Universities of Switzerland, Canada or Belgium!


Universities Admissions Service

A University degree or a prestigious school diploma will boost your international career

  • We will look at thousands of education programs and find the best one for you
  • We will share our contacts and exclusive tips with you
  • We will support you throughout your admission process

The service includes:

  1. Consultation on the education system, terms and conditions of admission, employment opportunities and scholarships
  2. Your profile and goals analysis
  3. Selection of programs and educational institutions best suited for you, according to your criteria
  4. Assistance in preparing the applicant's portfolio (CV, motivation letter, etc.)
  5. Preparation for entrance interviews
  6. Assistance in obtaining and extending a student visa
  7. Hosting arrangements

 Contact our consultant to discuss your questions

Our team speaks French, English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.


Programs and degrees

We offer state-recognized Licences (undergraduate degree), master's and postgraduate degrees that are of the highest academic quality and ensure future employment.

Public or private educational institutions offer education programs in all areas: management, computer science, graphics, communications, fashion, cooking, video games, finance, hospitality, luxury goods, law, 3D animation... we will most certainly find something that will interest you.

Most programs are taught in French, but you can also enroll in 100% English-language programs from the first year of your Licence degree.


Schedule list

The academic year at universities and schools usually begins in September, but many schools offer an academic schedule, according to which studies can start in winter or spring.

Admission deadlines vary depending on the educational institutions themselves.

To be admitted to state Universities, we recommend that you start preparing at least a year in advance.

To enroll in private educational institutions, we recommend that you start preparing at least six months in advance.

Contact us now for more information. It is never too early or too late to find a good educational degree.



Admission to partner universities or schools (more than 100 educational institutions) is free of charge.
After a preliminary discussion concerning your expectations and possible options, you will need to pay 200 euros as an application fee. This amount will be refunded to you after enrollment and payment of tuition fees at your University.

Admission to universities or public schools that are not our partners is 900 euros.
Deposit required is 200 euros, then the second payment is made in the amount of 700 euros after selecting the programs.

Cours de français de spécialité

You will find here the different formulas of French courses to prepare your studies in France: French courses before your university enrolment, French courses after your university enrolment, preparation for the "Grandes Ecoles"…