Accent Français language school, welcomes teenagers and young adults, from 1 week to several months, from 16 years old and all year round.
*15 years old teens are welcome as long as they make 16 years old by the end of the year *
We organize your entire language stay: French courses, accommodation, activity program, transfer upon arrival and departure from Montpellier.

An inspiring and innovative teaching method

Our teachers are native speakers of French with degrees from the University and they have years of experience in teaching juniors.     
Dynamic and motivating workshops during which teenagers work on grammar and conversation while improving their knowledge of French culture.     

  • On Monday, the teacher will provide you with your course program and learning targets for the week.
  • The teacher provides you with regular exercises to practice after class.
  • The teacher evaluates 2 language skills every week.
  • The teacher communicates your results and offers you a correction and personalized advice.

More details about our teaching method and progress assessment

A wide range of French language courses

Which program is the best for my level?

All programs are available whatever your level of French and whatever the duration of your stay. For each program, we offer all CECR levels.
What makes the difference between programs is not the level or the duration but only the purpose of your stay (exam preparation, general French or French + activities for example) and the number of lessons per week. 

A 100% guaranteed safe stay

Our French language school is located in Montpellier, the city is ideally suited for a language trip for teenagers. The city is largely pedestrian, public transportation is excellent, accommodation is close to the school, stores and the beach are within easy reach. 

We will send you a liability agreement to be filled and sign by each parent. Kids will not be accepted in class if we have not received the filled and signed agreement. 

Accommodation for minors: a top priority

For security reasons, at our French language Institute, minor student can only stay at a French host with half or full board.

We select accommodation according to its quality (availability of the host, tidiness, comfort, location) and we ensure a regular control: quality charter, control visit and questionnaires filled in by the students at the end of their stay.

Underage student: your host will take you to school on the first day and will show you the way to and from school.


Some host families are located nearby school or within walking distance, others are a little further with easy access by public transportation (usually the ones with bigger houses, gardens, swimming pools, etc are located outside the historical center)

Just mention your preferences on the application form. Let us know if you are OK with pets, if you prefer to stay at a host where there are other foreign students or not, other teens or not, let us know if you play the piano and would like a place where you can practice, if you are on a specific diet, etc…  We may not be able to answer positively all the requests, but we will do our best to satisfy as many as possible!!

Once we will receive your booking, we will send you a confirmation with all details about the host and a template e-mail that you are invited to use to introduce and get to know the host better before arrival. You can also call the host at that time once we will provide you with the details.

Arrival is usually on Sunday and departure on Saturday. Let us know as soon as possible if you need to take an extra night on arrival or on departure.

Host families in Montpellier are really welcoming: You can practice French at home in a warm and safe atmosphere. More info

A specific activity program to match teenagers interests and needs

Our teachers and counselors will supervise the teenagers throughout the activities and excursions. All of them are qualified and experienced and take particular care to guarantee the quality of teaching and safety. 

​​​​​​​The activity program is INCLUDED in the all-inclusive JUNIOR SUMMERPACK. With the other programs, you can book it a la carte once at school. The program of activities and excursions enhances the learning experience: in the afternoon or evening, the team of animators offers a wide range of fun activities.
Sample programs

Download the Junior brochure

Teenagers & Juniors
Junior and teens summer program - All inclusive

This PACK allows you to have an all included program: courses + activities and excursions during your stay accommodation in a family with full board (breakfast + lunch + dinner). You don't have any...

Prices :
1 to 4 weeks 820€
5 to 8 weeks 820€
9 weeks and more
20 weeks and more
Course duration Course duration : 45 minutes
Lessons per week Lessons per week : 20
Minimum age Minimum age : 16 years old
Juniors Standard Course

Improve and strengthen: Standard course includes 20 lessons/week (15 hours) in classes of small groups + 4 lessons tutoring and workshop offered weekly: reading, writing, understanding, with a special...

Prices :
1 to 4 weeks 260€
5 to 8 weeks 240€
9 weeks and more 230€
20 weeks and more 180€
Course duration Course duration : 45 minutes
Lessons per week Lessons per week : 24
Minimum age Minimum age : 16 years old
French + High school diploma preparation

You wish to pass your exam, get your diploma or integrate a higher education institution in France? Our French language school has developed workshops dedicated to specific French exams. This cours...

Prices :
1 to 4 weeks 560€
5 to 8 weeks 540€
9 weeks and more 530€
20 weeks and more
Course duration Course duration : 45 minutes
Lessons per week Lessons per week : 30
Minimum age Minimum age : 16 years old