TEACHER TRAINING COURSES for teaching french as a foreign language

French teachers also deserve their training in French teaching !


Accent Français organizes specific training courses for teachers of French as a foreign language (FLE).


We offer French courses in continuing education as part of vocational training, as part of a European project (ERASMUS+) or on a personal basis.
Our team of FLE instructors travels the world to provide you with training in your country but also welcomes you to our perfectly equipped school for the most effective training!


You are a French teacher

You are a French teacher (FLE-FLS-DNL) in primary, secondary or higher education Our programs aim to :

  • perfect your teaching practices: Our native and experienced instructors share with you the secrets and techniques of their toolboxes.
  • develop your creativity and skills
  • learn new ready-to-use tools and techniques that you can use in your classes to apply the skills and know-how you have acquired at Accent Français
  • update your knowledge about France and its people and learn about new educational trends.

You will improve your knowledge...

... of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and French literature.
A dedicated teacher will be at your entire service during your Accent Français stay.

You return home with a set of teaching materials that can be used straight away.

You can design your training program through a large choice of workshops.

  • Teaching French today - The action-oriented approach
  • Motivate your students with energy
  • Strengthening student’s knowledge with entertaining and fun exercises
  • Optimize genuine resources
  • Grammar in an authentic context
  • Pool resources together
  • Project teaching methods
  • The Interactive Whiteboard (TBI) in French as a Foreign Language (FLE) class
  • Other digital tools for the class
  • Innovation and digital inclusion
  • How to set up a resource centre
  • How to structure and motivate a teaching team

For European teachers

These courses are eligible for the ERASMUS + programme
Your training can be paid by the Erasmus+ programmes (OID : E10062748) by Campus France, the French Institutes, the Alliances françaises, your employer (school, high school, university, language centre...), do not hesitate to request funding !

French and Speciality Courses

Would you like to renew your teaching techniques? Are you looking to motivate your students and share your knowledge with French teachers from all over the world? Accent Français offers you the opportunity to join our school, our international classes share our techniques to develop your creativity and skills. You return home with teaching materials that can be used immediately.
Conditions: B1 level, teachers of French as a foreign language or students in Master FLE

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French and Speciality Courses

Discover new teaching methods, learn to use new technology to teach, you have specific needs that you want to be able to apply immediately in class... this program offers you a French language course according to your level and completed by a tailor-made program of teaching techniques.
Conditions: B1 level
Available all year round

French and Speciality Courses

FLE experts come to your countries and schools
We will share with you our expertise in teaching French as a foreign language for any audience (students, adults, teachers), we can adapt our training to your specific needs.

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French and Speciality Courses

We welcome you in groups of at least 8 teachers for a tailor-made program: you decide on the dates, duration and content according to your professional needs. Full catalogue

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