The DELF and DALF are official diplomas issued by the French Ministry of Education to certify the French language skills of foreign candidates and French nationals from non-French-speaking countries who do not hold a French public secondary or higher education diploma. The offer is adapted to all ages and all audiences. It is harmonised on the 6-level scale of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The DELF and DALF exams are valid for life.

To enter a French university or college, the DELF level B2 or C1 is often required. In a French-speaking professional career, the DELF may also be required to check your precise level of French.

  • Level A1  DELF A1 elementary
  • Level A2  DELF A2 elementary
  • Level B1  DELF B1 independant
  • Level B2  DELF B2 independant
  • Level C1  DALF C1 experienced
  • Level C2  DALF C2 experienced

​​​​​​​>  January: All levels from 10 to 17 January 
​​​​​​​>  May: B2/C1/C2 from 23 to 28 May
​​​​​​​>  September: No session

​​​​​​​>  February: All levels from 7 to 14 February 
​​​​​​​>  June: All levels from 5 to 12 June
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​>  October: All levels from 2 to 9 October

​​​​​​​>  March: All levels from 13to 20 March
​​​​​​​>  July: All levels from 3 to 10 July
​​​​​​​>  November: B2/C1/C2 from 7 to 13 November

​​​​​​​>  April: No session
​​​​​​​>  August: No session
​​​​​​​>  December: All levels from 4 to 11 December


The exams can be taken in 900 approved examination centres in 154 countries, including France.
The DELF and DALF certifications are placed under the authority of FEI.

The 6 diplomas that make up the DELF (DELF, A2, DELF B1, DELF B2 and DALF C1, DALF C2) are completely independent. Thus, the candidate, depending on his/her level, can register directly for the exam of his/her choice.


How does the DELF exam work?

The DELF (A1, A2, B1, B2) assesses four areas of competence: - written comprehension, written expression, oral comprehension, oral expression. For each of these four tests, the exercises and the length of the test vary according to the DELF or DALF chosen.

To obtain the DELF - DALF diploma, a minimum score of 50 out of 100 points is required. A total score of 49/100 is not sufficient to obtain the diploma. For each exercise, a score below 5/25 points is eliminatory.

Exemple de sujets : 
- exam subject DELF A2
- exam subject DELF B1 
- exam subject DELF B2
- exam subject DALF C1
- exam subject DALF C2
For more information on the DELF and DALF, we invite you to consult the official presentation of the exam on  France Education International



At Accent Français, we offer a specific preparation for the DELF / DALF exam, French courses + DELF DALF preparation. This programme will allow you to familiarise yourself with this exam, to understand what is expected of you and thus, to take it in the best conditions for a result that meets your expectations! Our French + DELF DALF Preparation programme programme is available all year round and the time you need to prepare for the exam depends on your current level of French, the time you spend outside of class and your objective.

During the preparation, mock exams and simulation tests are organised to put you in real exam conditions. 
In addition to your in-class preparation for the DELF, DALF, you can use our French digital platform to practice and exchange with other students and your teacher. You can also take part in the free pedagogical tutoring at the school for all your questions.

We generally recommend 6-12 weeks' preparation before the exam.

Prepare for your exam in the best conditions with Accent Français :

  • a course available all year round and for the duration of your choice
  • a programme designed by examiners
  • small groups (5 people maximum) to work on all aspects of the exam

  • To register for the DELF or DALF : you can register in Montpellier after your language stay, or in the DELF examination centre nearest to you.
  • You must then fill in a registration form in order to register your participation in the exam with a piece of identity, a photo proving your foreign nationality (passport, residence permit).
  • Your payment, the price depends on the place where you take the exam
  • If you wish to receive your certificate of achievement and your diploma by post, you must enclose a stamped envelope.

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