How to enroll at Accent Français:

Thank you for trusting us! Our team is looking forward to welcoming you in our school.    
To guide you step by step through the registration process, you will find below all the information you need to read before filling out your registration form. 

How do I book my program:

In order to guarantee your place and to welcome you in the best conditions, we recommend you to book at least 4 weeks in advance. (8 weeks in advance if you are applying for a student visa)   

1- Read the general conditions of sales and refund
2Send your fully filled registration form
3- Pay the deposit of 340€.     
4- Upon receipt of your registration and deposit, you will receive within the working 24 hours, a confirmation by email with a pre-placement test you are asked to fill and send back as soon as possible and the invoice for the balance to be paid at the latest 4 weeks before the starting date of your program. 
5- We will send you the details of your program, accommodation, and if necessary an invitation letter for a visa application upon receipt of your payment of the total invoice and of your pre-placement test.  

How can I pay:

  • For countries outside the € zone, we recommend using the secure Flywire website:

    You will be able to chose the cheapest and most convenient according to your country.

  • Credit card (Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard) 
  • Bank transfer in Euros to our bank account:

    Banque populaire du Sud - Agence Montpellier Comédie
    Banque: 16607 - Compte: 00219- 09405421018/92
    IBAN: FR76 1660 7002 1909 4054 2101 892 - BIC number: CCBPFRPPPPG

    All bank charges and exchange fees are at your charge

How do we prepare your arrival:

  • We will send you all the information about your stay when your registration file is complete (required documents and full payment).
  • Accent Français reserves the right to cancel your registration if no payment has been received 1 month before the beginning of the course.

  • On Monday, the first day, we will be waiting for you in front of the school, 2 rue de Verdun in Montpellier at 8:30 am for a welcome meeting
caution visas

You do not need a visa if you are European.

For other countries, in general :
 - if you stay less than 3 months, you do not need a visa,
 - if you stay more than 3 months you need a visa.
Please note: the conditions are different depending on the length of your stay and your country of origin. 

Please contact the French embassy in your country or visit France Visa or our website

​​​​​​​The criteria for obtaining a student visa vary from country to country but in general:
- nationals of French-speaking countries cannot obtain a student visa for the study of the French language.
- student visas are granted to student profiles and limited in age
- remember to organize your registration 2 months before your arrival date​​​​​​​

before starting your registration

Before starting any registration procedure in our school and before making the payment for your program, you must check the visa requirements with the French authorities in your country. You can check the conditions on   France visa
Then, you can fill out our registration form and pay for your program. 
Make sure to finalize your registration and submit your visa application at least 2 months in advance.
We will send you your registration certificate / invitation letter and your registration confirmation with the address of your accommodation in France when your registration file is complete: registration form duly completed, full payment of the program ( a partial payment does not allow the edition of your invitation letter)

visa delay or refusal

In case of visa delay or refusal, you can ask for a refund under the conditions specified in our CANCELLATION CONDITIONS VISA section.   
Please read them carefully before making your payment.  
To obtain a refund or to postpone your arrival due to a visa delay, you must inform us at least 2 weeks before your arrival. We will then refund your stay, after deduction of 80€ penalty + registration fee 80€ and bank charges. If we have not been notified in time, our cancellation conditions and fees will apply