Validate your French skills with the DELF/DALF diploma!

Every year, Accent Français welcomes many high school and university students who wish to validate their knowledge by taking an official French language exam.

What are these diplomas? The DELF/DALF exams are 6 independent diplomas that attest to linguistic abilities in the French language: 
.        Delf A1, Delf A2, Delf B1, Delf B2
.        Dalf C1, Dalf C2

Why are the DELF and DALF so useful in their course? 
        They are the only official diplomas in French as a foreign language!
        They are validated by the French Ministry of Education and are valid for life
        There is a diploma for all levels!
        You can take them in any country in the world
        Candidates who obtain the DELF B2 are exempt from the language test for access to the first cycle of French universities.

Our DELF/DALF preparation programmes allow you to approach the tests with confidence and ensure your success on the day of the exam. This preparation course offers intensive preparation for the exam papers. In addition to the STANDARD course, you have 6 lessons/week in small groups of maximum 5 people to prepare for the exam of your choice: DELF A2, DELF B1, DELF B2, DALF C1, DALF C2.

The STANDARD course allows you to acquire the basics of the language in the chosen exam level. The DELF/DALF preparation modules train you to master the 4 language skills assessed in the exam: written and oral production and written and oral comprehension. These modules enable you to acquire the methodology, the correct language structures and teach you how to answer trick questions, acquire writing strategies and techniques...

. Mock exams and simulation tests are organised to put you in real exam conditions. 
. In addition to your in-class preparation, you can use our digital platform to practice and exchange with other students and your teacher. You can also take part in the free pedagogical tutoring for all your linguistic questions.
. Accent Francais also offers preparation for the French exams in your country: Abitur, A-Level, Gaokao, LC prep and any type of French exam: In addition to the STANDARD course, you have 6 lessons/week in a small group to prepare for the exam of your choice.  The specificities of each exam are studied and the course includes grammar revision using real documents from previous exams, to give you every chance of passing your exam.

Full details of the exams can be found on the following page: HERE

A DELF or DALF diploma offers you :

        International recognition of your mastery of French :
        Lifetime certification, obtained in the candidate's country or in another country.
        Based on the same international standard used in 164 countries (CEFR)
        Facilitates interprovincial dialogue across Canada

        A testimony of success in learning French:
        Recognition of the candidate's progress to date in learning French
        Represents an official, internationally recognized document that enhances the candidate's academic or professional portfolio

        Advantages for post-secondary education:
        Internationally recognized by French-language post-secondary institutions, including a growing number in Canada
        Possibility of admission to a university in France (level B2 or higher)

        Enhances Curriculum Vitae:
        A description in meaningful terms of what the candidate is able to do in French
        An aid to career advancement
        Helps open doors to a wide range of career and leisure opportunities in Canada and around the world

More than 98% of our students passed their exams in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 after taking our preparation courses.
Join us at Accent Français and put all the chances on your side to pass your exam!

See you soon! 

The Accent Français team