Take the TCF exam in Montpellier, France

Our French language school is a TCF examination center where you can register all year round
The TCF is an examination in French that allows all foreigners to assess their level in French. The TCF exam is required to apply for French nationality, for a residence permit in France, and to apply for academic studies in France. The TCF will help you integrate in France if you intend to work or have a job in France.

The TCF exam is a snapshot of your level of French at the time you take the exam. It officially validates your level of French.


The choice of test depends on your project or objective. Several sessions are organized throughout the year and there are different versions of the TCF available:

TCF IRN for Access to French nationality, resident card, OFII

The exam is taken on a computer​​​​​​​


The TCF IRN is for any foreigner over 16 years of age who wishes to validate their level of French for :
- an application for French nationality (level B1)
- an application for a long-term resident's card (level A2)
- validation of the A1 level as part of the OFII citizenship programme

TCF All Audiences (TP)

This exam is the most comprehensive. It allows you to take the 3 mandatory written tests of the TCF. You can also add the optional tests: oral expression and written expression. According to your score, you are placed on the scale of the CEFR levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2


Accent Français offers you material on the different TCF exams that will allow you to familiarize yourself with this exam, to understand what is expected and thus, to take it in the best conditions for a result that meets your expectations!

All our French courses can train you for the TCF exam.  This exam is an official and international document that attests your level of French language skills. It is an excellent way to enhance your language stays if you come to study French at Accent Français.

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