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The cult classic comics of the French

Here is a top 10 of cult French comics. You will find works known all over the world, other Franco-Belgian and dating from different eras. Most of them were subsequently adapted into cartoons and even into movies!

Happy reading!

Astérix :

Asterix is one of the best-known French-language comics in the world. Since the 1960s, dozens of Asterix albums have been published. It is the story of a village of Gauls that humorously prevents the invasion of their territory by the Romans. It was created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo.

La guerre des boutons :

La guerre des boutons (the war of the buttons) is a humorous French comic strip published in three volumes, scripted and designed by Olivier Berlion. It is the story of young children living in the neighbouring villages, Longeverne and Velrans, who were raised in contempt of the opposite camp, a contempt existing for. As every new school year, between the two neighbouring villages of Longeverne and Velrans, it is war... A terrible war, led by the valiant Lebrac and the Aztec du Gué and enamelled with new tactics such as naked fighting! Indeed, the supreme humiliation of the defeated being to see their panty buttons plundered by the victors, the brave soldiers are ready to do anything to safeguard their honour…

Les Aventures de Tintin :

In Les aventures de Tintin (The adventures of Tintin), a comic book directed by Belgian cartoonist Hergé, we follow a young journalist who travels around the world (and even the Moon!), with his dog Milou and Captain Haddock, to discover and solve mysteries and crimes. This comic book has been a huge success in Europe since the 20th century.

Gaston :

Gaston, better known as Gaston Lagaffe is a comic book, first published in 1957 and also produced by a Belgian cartoonist, André Franquin. A young man works in a newspaper and starts to create crazy inventions. But his name is not Gaston Lagaffe for nothing! Gaston’s awkwardness is part of the humor of this comic book.

Lucky Luke :

Lucky Luke or rather The Man Who Shoots Faster Than His Shadow is a character created by Morris and first appeared in Spirou in 1946. The comic strip is a humorous western in which the lonely Lucky Luke, a cowboy from the Far West, is featured. Always accompanied by his horse Jolly Jumper and most of the time by the dog Rantanplan, he has to restore justice in the Far West by chasing bandits, the best known of whom are the Dalton brothers.

Boule et Bill :

Boule and Bill is the story of the family adventures of a 7-year-old, Boule, and his dog, a cocker called Bill. Also present are Boule’s mother and father, Caroline the turtle, the neighbor and her cat Caporal and others. Created in 1959, it is one of the most popular youth comics in the French-speaking world.

Spirou et Fantasio :

Spirou et Fantasio is a duo of journalists who live fabulous and funny adventures and confront malicious characters… Spirou is also a very famous magazine that publishes excerpts from different comics, so many of them have made themselves known to the general public.

Les Schtroumfs :

The smurfs, are small blue characters living in a small peaceful village. Each character has his own profession and his own personality. However, they must remain careful of external dangers! Published for the first time in 1958, comics have since enjoyed sales of millions of copies around the world.

Le chat :

The cat, is a series of humorous drawings of the Belgian press and comics created by Philippe Geluck in 1983, which stages the eponymous hero in many gags.

Black et Mortimer :

The comic tells the adventures of Captain Francis Black, a former Royal Air Force pilot who became director of MI5, the British counter-espionage service, and his friend Professor Philip Mortimer. The two heroes often find themselves confronted with their sworn enemy, Colonel Olrik, a world-class criminal who considers only his personal interest. The comic strip was created by Edgar P. Jacobs and first published in 1950.