accent francais school with fle quality label

Why choose a "Qualité FLE" labelled institute ?

Why this label ?

The 'Qualité FLE' Label is the label that guarantees the quality of FLE (French as a Foreign Language) centres. Thanks to the criteria of the self-evaluation grid, Accent Français has continually become more and more efficient in all fields- welcoming the public, infrastructures, management, training and teachers- and has now reached the best possible mark: the maximum 3 stars in all 5 areas evaluated by the label.

How does an audit work ?

The audit mission takes place over two and a half days in the center. Files from all five examined fields are consulted and previously provided information is verified on-site regarding good practice and the staff. Some classes are observed, and teachers and students are invited to share their experiences.
​​​​​​​All of the administrative and educational procedures are examined in order to guarantee that what has been announced by the centre and on-site reality are identical.

What is a 3 stars center ?

A 3-star centre is one that guarantees a well-prepared and perfectly organised stay, from the first inquiry from the student right through until the end-of-stay satisfaction survey. It is a centre that guarantees high-quality teaching combined with excellent service-  modern teaching in order not only to  learn French successfully but also to be successfully immersed in everyday French life throughout the stay – a stay that will definitely contribute to a participant’s personal growth.

Why choose a "Qualité FLE" accredited center ?

- Guaranteed satisfaction throughout the stay (from before arrival until the last contact after the stay) and in all areas : welcome,  accommodation, management, teaching and course quality
- The guarantee of a centre dedicated to continual assessment and improvement
​​​​​​​- A guaranteed customised stay and a team ready to listen to and cater for all needs

Why choose Accent Français ?

The quality of the work of our team is officially recognised and student satisfaction is our priority. For the whole team it is a pleasure to share our culture and language in a friendly environment, providing the best conditions for students to be welcomed and to learn.
​​​​​​​Everything is put in place to optimise your stay in Montpellier and to help you enjoy it to the full.
​​​​​​​It is this continuous process of improvement and of innovative, attractive and dynamic offers that will always remain the priority of  Accent Français !

See you soon,

The Accent Français team.