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Some tips to learn French quickly!

Accent Français shares tips to quickly learn French !

​​​​​​​We often hear that French is a difficult language to learn. But it is only an impression, French is no more difficult than English or Spanish or any other language. All you need are the right "tips" to make your learning much easier and enjoy studying this language !
To do this, here are some ideas that may help you.

Learn with music

There is nothing more pleasant than discovering a language with music. Listening to French songs will familiarize you with the language and its pronunciation, your ears will gradually get used to it and you will be able to improve your understanding while having fun !

Here are some useful links :
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Watch movies

As with songs, movies are a good way to practice your understanding and discover French cinema.

Learn with internet

Learning sites are a real asset for practicing a language and will allow you to improve your comprehension through exercises and scenarios. It's also another way to learn while having fun !
Our online workbook

Some useful links :
Duo Lingo
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Do not focus only on grammar

Of course grammar is important, but communication, comprehension and vocabulary are just as important, which is why it is necessary to find a good balance between the skills and not just focus on grammar rules.

Communicate as much as possible with native speakers

There is no secret to learning a language! Communicating with native speakers is important and will not only allow you to practice authentic French but also to get to know the French culture !  You may have a neighbor, a co-worker, or a family member of French origin, you can organize an afternoon in French: go shopping with her in French, have a drink or a meal in French.

Voyager dans un pays francophone

Immersion is an effective way to detach yourself from your mother tongue and adapt to a language and its culture quickly. Being in a French-speaking environment will optimize your learning and allow you to discover the culture at the source ! Come on a language stay: you will learn French, a culture and have a great vacation !

All these tips will help you to facilitate and improve your learning of French but they do not replace French lessons which are a much more complete and optimal way to assimilate the language.

Have a good learning experience !

The Accent Français team.