French board games

Play in French

You can also learn while having fun !

This is what makes learning French attractive. So practice French through games and have fun !

Titre H3

The Uno
You must be the first to finish without a card. As soon as you have your last card in your hand, say UNO before everyone else, otherwise you draw two cards and go back for a round !

The good pay
It's up to you to manage your budget per month (full turn) in order to be the richest player at the end of the game. You'll have to pay your taxes, collect your salary and deal with all of life's unexpected events...

It is a game of properties and transactions. This game is constantly reinventing itself and presenting new versions to its fans. The goal is to ruin your opponents and to be the richest with the most properties.

Use your knowledge of words and the French language to win the most points !

Trivial Pursuit
A game of knowledge and general culture with questions on all possible fields !