covid 19 health measures

Health Instructions and Measures Covid

Accent Français has implemented the  health measures recommended by the French government to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Behaviour on the premises

Opening hours
Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm

Entry to the premises
- Arrival of students at least 5 minutes before the course and exit of the premises at the end of the course (it will not be possible to stay on the terrace)
- Respect of safety distances and barrier gestures as soon as students are welcomed
- Wearing a mask is compulsory in the public areas of the school and is recommended during lessons (you can buy a mask for 1€ at the reception)
- We provide hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance as well as disposable hand towels

Equipment and materials
- Classes respect the distance of 1 meter between people
- Daily cleaning of rooms and frequently touched surfaces
- Teachers equipped with masks and/or visors during class time
- Students should not share equipment
- Digital tools will be preferred to limit the sharing of photocopies

Please note : the resource centre is unavailable for work and the loan of books and DVDs. The drinks machines remain closed. We suggest that you go to the local shops.

Measures to protect your health and those around you on a daily basis

Reminder of barrier gestures
1) Cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a single-use handkerchief and throw it into a bin.
2) Greeting without shaking hands, not kissing.
3) Wash your hands very regularly with soap and water, for at least 30 seconds (before class, before and after breaks, before and after using the toilet, etc., at least every two hours). If soap is not available, rub your hands with hydro-alcoholic gel.
4) In all cases, maintain a minimum distance of 1 m between two people

In case of symptoms (fever or fever sensation, cough, breathing difficulties), it is recommended to :
- Stay at home, avoid contact and limit your movements to what is strictly necessary
- Call your doctor
- Contact the Samu Centre 15 in case of breathing difficulties.
If you are a contact case
- You need to do a PCR test + monitor your symptoms for 7 days, you will be able to follow our online courses during the whole isolation period
- If you are vaccinated and your PCR test is negative, you can be released from isolation and resume your normal life
- If you are vaccinated and your PCR test is positive or if you are not vaccinated, you will have to go into isolation and be tested again after 7 days.

If you are tested positive for Covid :
- You will have to report to school and isolate yourself for 7 days, you will be able to follow our online courses during the isolation period
- You will have to do a PCR test again at the end of your isolation period, you will be able to come back to school when the results are negative
- Since masks must be worn at school, other students are not considered contact cases (unless you have had contact without a mask, in which case the person becomes a contact case and must report).

Stay safe.

See you very soon,

The Accent Français team.