Favorite French movies

Favorites French movies

The French favorites movies

French and cinema, it's a great love story! According to the National Film Centre, in 2018 and for the
fifth year in a row, cinema attendance exceeds 200 million admissions. Indeed, it is estimated that
two out of three French people go to the cinema, without mentioning the fans of the small screen
who prefer to watch films quietly from home. The 7th art has a privileged place in the hearts of the
French. But between fans of French comedies, sci-fi enthusiasts and lovers of authors films, what are
really the favorite cult films of the French public?

What characterizes a successful French film?

The main question is already how to define that a film is French. Some will say that when the director
and producer are French, so is the film. However, many French filmmakers have given in to
hollywood glitter and special effects but are still French: Michel Gondry with Eternal Sunshine of The
Spotless Mind, for example. In reality, what characterizes French cinema is that it is about lives
rather than stories. Complexity of the characters of French films, emotion and social subjects
form the perfect mix for a strong story that public will love. Many also say that the strong point
of French filmmakers is to know how to speak lightly about serious and seriously about light
subjects and how to find the subjects that will speak to the French and their hearts.

The favorite genres of the French

The kind of film that the French prefer is definitely comedy. According to a 2015 CSA survey,
25% of respondents immediately answered "comedy" to the question "what is your favourite
kind of film". Yes, laughter always in pole position! Laughing to free yourself from his ailments
and free manners, laughing because it feels good, laughing because we simply need it. You only
have to see the number of admissions to the cinema for "Bienvenue chez les Chtis"; 20.44
million, or for ";Intouchable"19.44 millions, which have become must-see French comedies.
But more than just comedy, comedy-drama is increasingly appealing to the French. This is the
whole practice of"talking" lightly about serious subjects and seriously light subjects";, laughing
throughout a film while being aware of the profound message that results from it, of dealing
with sensitive, touching subjects, with a touch of humour and of leading, in this way, to the
reflection of the public.

The favorite cult films of the French through the eras

Ready for a top 20 favorite films of the French that gives us a good idea of the different types of
blockbuster movies. This ranking is offered to us by BVA.

20 : La Boum (1980) 
19 : Ne le dis à personne (2006)

18 : La famille Bélier (2014) 
17 : Les petits mouchoirs (2010) 
16 : Le dernier métro (1980),

15 : Astérix et Obélix mission Cléopâtre (2002),
14 : Le grand bleu (1988),
13 : Qu’est ce qu’on a fait au bon Dieu (2014) 
12 : Léon (1994), une pépite.
11 : Le père noël est une ordure (1982) 
10 : Les visiteurs (1993),
9 : Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (2001),
8 : Les bronzés font du ski (1979),
7 : Le cinquième élément (1997),
6 : Bienvenue chez les Chtis dont on parlait tout à l’heure (2006).
5 : Le diner de cons (1998),
4 : Les tontons flingueurs (1963).
3 : Le vieux fusil (1975),
2 : Intouchables (2011),
1 : La grande vadrouille (1966) !

That's what youre going to do during this lockdown, we are waiting for your opinions on these
"I only want to talk about cinema, why talking about something else? With cinema we talk about
everything, we get to everything"; said Jean Luc Godard. It is true that cinema is a source of
unlimited and borderless education, expression and entertainment that is important to preserve.
Although 2020 has not been the most beautiful or the simplest, films have and will always keep
us company and accompany us through the various steps of our lives, so go ahead, watch
movies, discuss them, love them, hate them, live! and above all, take care of yourself.