Summer courses for adults to discover French culture in Montpellier

My experience of living in Montpellier

Corinna's testimony: she chose Montpellier to live her foreign student experience for 2 months

Can you introduce yourself? Where are you from?

I am Corinna from Germany. I had the chance to spend two months in Montpellier with Accent Français French language school. At the beginning of my stay, I took a French language course for two weeks. Then I did my internship in the office of Accent Français as a sales assistant.

What do you like most about Montpellier?

Montpellier is a beautiful city! You can enjoy the sun and the beach but not only that! I like the dynamic atmosphere and the friendliness of the city. In Montpellier, there is always something to discover. The historic city is very nice with its little streets and lots of cafés and restaurants. 

What is the biggest change for you living in Montpellier?

Living in Montpellier I have experienced an immersion in the French language and culture. Thanks to this experience, I am much more comfortable speaking French and well prepared for my studies in France.

Is it easy to meet people?

During your language stay it is very easy to meet people from all over the world. The students at Accent Français are very open-minded and friendly.

Is life in Montpellier expensive? 

Life in Montpellier is not very expensive. It is much cheaper than in Paris for example.

Would you recommend studying in Montpellier?

I strongly recommend everyone to come and study French in Montpellier. You will benefit enormously from your language trip. It is an unforgettable experience that allows you to improve your language skills while having a wonderful time and making new friends.

My internship with the language school Accent Français

Why did you choose to do an internship in a French language school in France?

I had to do an internship as part of my vocational training as a sales assistant and wanted to do it in France to improve my French. A student who did her internship in 2019 with Accent Français recommended me to go there. Finally, I am very happy to have done my internship with Accent Français because it allowed me to meet people from all over the world.

What are my tasks during the internship? 

My tasks during the internship are very versatile. In the morning I work in the office and support the administrative team. I write emails, do translations, prepare documents, create social media content and welcome clients. In the afternoon I do activities with the students. We go to the beach, do cheese or pastry tasting and organise picnics.

Do you recommend doing an internship in France?

I recommend doing an internship in France. It is the best option to learn French and gain work experience.

Do I need a good level of French to do an internship in France?

It is preferable to have a good level of French to be able to communicate with colleagues and understand the world around you. However, you can still do an internship if you don't have a very good level.

How can I make the most of my internship experience?

My internship allowed me to put into practice what I learned during my apprenticeship. This experience is very important and will help me to find a job in France more easily.