Do we celebrate Halloween in France?

Yes, Halloween has become increasingly popular in France in recent years, although it's no less of a tradition than in some other countries, such as the United States. 
It's true that the way Halloween is celebrated in France can vary from region to region, and some people prefer not to take part, seeing it as an imported and commercial tradition. However, for many children and families, Halloween has become a fun opportunity to dress up, decorate and share sweets.

IIn France, Halloween is mainly celebrated by children and young adults. Here's how it's usually done:
Decoration: Houses, shops and streets are often decorated with carved pumpkins, cobwebs, skeletons and other spooky decorations.
Costumes: Children and sometimes even adults dress up in Halloween costumes, ranging from witches and vampires to superheroes and monsters.
Trick-or-treat: In some regions, children go trick-or-treating, ringing doorbells and asking for sweets. People usually hand out sweets or small treats.
Parties: Halloween parties are common, whether at home, in bars or in clubs. These parties are often an opportunity for adults to dress up and have fun.
Films and series: People like to watch horror films and series to get into the Halloween mood.
Events: Some cities and regions organise special events for Halloween, such as costume parades, haunted mazes and scary shows.
Pumpkins: Many people buy pumpkins to carve into Halloween jack-o-lanterns, complete with scary faces, and light them up with candles.

Do the French like Halloween?
French opinion of Halloween varies from person to person. Some French people really like Halloween and see it as a fun and festive holiday, especially children who see it as an opportunity to dress up and get sweets. Others, however, may be more reserved about Halloween, seeing it as a commercial holiday imported from the United States.

There are debates about Halloween's place in French culture, as some feel it may compromise local traditions such as All Saints' Day, a Catholic festival held on 1 November and dedicated to honouring the dead. For some people, Halloween is seen as a commercial excess.

On the whole, many young people and families enjoy the opportunity to have fun and celebrate Halloween, while others may not be as interested. As with many holidays, personal views on Halloween depend on individual tastes and beliefs :-)