fitting out of premises for the French language school in Montpellier

Accent Français redesigns its student spaces

You dreamed about it, you told us about it all year long, in 2019, Accent Français will make it !

For more than 20 years, the school's student spaces have been numerous and have taken on various forms as the school has expanded, first kitchenette, then rest area or study room, sometimes at 7 rue de Verdun, then at 2, and finally at 12 rue Boussairolles within our Resource Centre (1st floor).

In response to the growing demand from our students and teams, we are pleased to inform you that this year, we will be re-developing several areas in order to offer you places to relax and work to encourage great moments of conviviality !

At 7 rue de Verdun, we currently have 8 classrooms on the 1st floor and you now find a new student space there. Every month, we post the productions made in class in order to share them with everyone. This space is already equipped with a work surface and sockets to connect your appliances, you can now linger there and admire your works.

At 7 rue de Verdun, we also have 5 classrooms on the 2nd floor, we removed the individually packaged snack machines, which are bad for our environment and, it must be said, bad for our health. And for few days now, a second student area with a sofa welcomes you and the new coffee machine allows you to bring your thermos or your cup.

At 12 rue Boussairolles, our 10 classes are spread over 2 floors, one of which already has 2 spaces for our teams and students: the Resource Centre where you can go to use our computers, borrow books, meet a teacher who will guide you in your work independently, work, as well as the terrace where you can simply relax while enjoying the sun 6 months a year, or more!

In 2019, we will offer an additional relaxation area with a room dedicated to students where it will be possible to watch television in French, meet, read, play... A collaborative library will be quickly installed and promoted, so get in your closets!

Since the beginning of the year, an additional relaxation area with a room dedicated to students are also available where it is possible to watch television in French, meet others students, read, play ... A collaborative library is installed in Carnon classroom, so then do not hesitate to come and drop off your books to read new ones!

These projects have once again been made possible thanks to our students and teams, thank you for your enthusiasm and perseverance!