10 good reasons to learn french

Today, there are 274 millions of French speaking people across the five continents and French is the fifth most spoken language in the world. Almost 50 millions people are learning French and the school Accent Français welcomes a yearly average of 2 000 students who chose to come to Montpellier to learn French. Each one has his/her own reasons to come to study in France, but one thing is for certain: everybody has the same will to speak French! This common feature shared by all of our students led us to give you a non-exhaustive list of 10 good reasons to learn French, and moreover, to come to France to learn this language!

I - French is spoken all over the world

There are French speaking countries and more than 200 millions Francophones on the five continents. It is the second foreign language that people learn after English ; so you can easily notice that it exists an important network of French teaching institutions all over the world.

II -  It is an asset for your career

As it was said previously, French is spoken in many different countries so if you speak it, it can allow you to work in French companies as well as in foreign ones! It can open many doors in Belgium, Canada, Swiss and even more countries, and it can help you find a job.

III - It allows you to study in France

A lot of French universities and schools have an excellent reputation, even abroad. They are ranked among the best European institutions so graduating in these would be a great asset for your résumé. To enter a French institution, you obviously have to master the French language but you also have to know that foreign students can benefit from a scholarship allocated by the Government to help you get a diploma with international value.

IV - You would be able to understand the French culture

Learning a new foreign language also means understanding the culture of the country(ies) where it is spoken. It is true that every nation has its own culture and codes so when you learn a language you are less subject to the clichés. By the way, did you know that French is THE language of literature, theatre and that France is the cradle of mode and cuisine? Understanding French could give you access to all those fields.

V - It can be useful when travelling

Travelling to France or to other francophone countries is way easier if you master the language. For instance, it can be quite difficult to buy a tram ticket from a machine without speaking the language. Indeed, even if English is available on certain bollards, it is more enjoyable to do any process if you understand the language of the country.

VI - French is strongly present in international relations

Although English is commonly used, French still is the diplomatic language. Do you need a proof? Some French words belonging to the lexical field of diplomacy have never been translated. For instance, even in English we use the French words «chargé d’affaires» and «agrément» because there is no equivalent. Also, French is the official working language for international organisations such as the UN, the NATO, the European Union and the UNESCO.

VII - I have easy access to French media

Isn’t it nicer to watch a movie in its original version than to switch between subtitles and images? The benefit of speaking French is that while watching a French movie -whether it is subtitled or not- you would be able to understand and laugh out loud before your neighbours! Besides, it is really interesting to watch television news: you may see the world differently…

VIII - You can enjoy a quality teaching

In France and overseas, French teachers are well known for their creativity and dynamism. Learning French in France is a real advantage to practice it and to improve your level: you will get familiar with the language and culture more easily.

IX - We can learn other foreign languages more easily

French belongs to the wide family of Latin languages such as Spanish, Portuguese or Italian. By speaking French, we are certain to have knowledge of other Latin languages because they are more or less similar, especially when speaking of the vocabulary. Anyway, it does not stop to Latin languages: French provided English with more than 50% of its vocabulary.

X - It is the language of love, intellect and science

It is well known that French language is known to be soft, melodious and romantic at the same time. This feeling is strengthened by the artistic culture of France: go ahead and listen up «La vie en rose» of the famous Edith Piaf. But, French is not only the language of love but also the one of the renowned philosophers such as Descartes and notable scientists as Pierre and Marie Curie. Learning French means learning to organize your thinking and critical spirit. Indeed, this inflected language leads you to clarify your ideas: for instance, you can write the verbs in different ways depending on the sentence’s subject.

Then, are you convinced? We are waiting for you!