FLE Teacher Training Courses

Distance courses in small groups

Since 1998, Accent Francais has specialised in the teaching of French as a Foreign Language and offers high quality immersion stays. Accent Français has always been involved in a quality approach aimed at excellence in order to offer state-of-the-art teaching and complementary services. It is an active member of the "Groupement FLE" and a historical member of "Campus France".

As experts in FLE teaching, we offer courses for FLE teachers aimed at trainers who wish to update their teaching techniques and exchange on their working methods.


We have been integrating new technologies into the classroom for many years: digital resource sharing platform for teachers, collaborative and educational applications in class, virtual classrooms to share course materials with learners, online exercise platform for students, etc.

The use of technology and distance learning are key skills!

You can continue to train in the best conditions to increase your skills thanks to the distance learning courses offered by Accent Français!

Follow our workshops and modules led live by expert trainers!



Building a class project
Speaking about culture, society and interculturality
Diversify its authentic resources
Making "authentic" grammar
Exchanging Parities
Leading a class


Find all our workshops and all our modules in our special training catalogue for FLE trainers :
See our special catalogue "Distance Learning"

Work with our team to develop a tailor-made online course for your teachers' association, your school, your FLE centre, etc. See our complete training catalogue


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These traineeships are eligible under the ERASMUS + programme.

Your training can be supported by the Erasmus+ programmes (PIC: 933795915) by Campus France, the French Institutes, the Alliances françaises, your employer (school, high school, university, language centre...), remember to apply for funding!