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Today we are answering your questions, let's go !

Where to learn French in France ? Why choose Accent Français ?

Because we’re the best at what we do!! ;) More seriously, Accent Français is recognized for its innovative and professional teaching. For years, students from all around the globe have voted us Best school of French in France. We love what we do and we do it well !

Why choose a Qualité FLE labelled institute ?

Check out the article we have published regarding this internationally well-known quality label to learn more.

Why learn French in Montpellier ?

  • Montpellier is the #2 destination in France for french courses after Paris. Without a doubt the capital city of France is beautiful but Montpellier offers two things that Paris doesn’t :
  • The beach and the sun, the sea is only a few kilometers away, it’s easy to reach by transit and bike ride
  • Montpellier is a young, dynamic and multicultural city. Almost 50% of the people living in Montpellier is under 30.
  • Its mediterranean climate is temperate with around 300 sunny days per year, and an average temperature of 15°c.
  • Montpellier has been voted greenest city over 200,000 inhabitants
  • Its size : It’s easy to move around with its 4 trams, shared bicyles and its pedestrian only neighborhoods and city center
  • It’s joie de vivre : cafés and restaurants are everywhere. Come sit down at a « terasse » and enjoy a nice fresh drink while admiring heritage buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries !
  • Its culture. There are lots of museums, exhibits, music concerts, festivals and events in Montpellier all year round.

    More reasons HERE.

When can I go ?

The school opens every day of the year and Montpellier is beautiful no matter the season. In the winter, the climate is nice enough for a long enjoyable walk along the quiet and deserted beach or in the vineyards nearby. In the Summer, if suntanning by the mediterranean sea is not your thing, you can choose to take a dip in one of the lakes nearby or stay cool in one of the many museums, or air conditionned building of the school. All our classrooms have air conditionning, we also have a nice patio by our ressource centre where you can study outside in the shade with your friends from school or enjoy a nice break from studying. Many excursions are planned all year round.

Specific starting dates for beginners are published here :  www.accentfrancais.com/prices

Where will I be staying ?

At Accent Français we have the accommodation that suits your needs. You can stay with a host family  (this is the most popular choice). All our families are chosen with the greatest care. This is the perfect way to find out what makes french people special, how they live and the traditions they respect. Cherry on the cake, you can also choose how many meals you want to share with your family if any (half board or full board are available).

If you would rather be autonomous you can also choose to stay in an independant studio, a studio or flat in a tourist or student residence  or a room on campus for a more economical option. We will also help you book a hotel if this is your desired choice. No matter your budget, we have the accommodation for you.

More information here :  www.accentfrancais.com/accommodations

How long can I stay for ?

With Accent Français, you can stay for as long as you would like ! All our classes are a week long because this is the minimum to improve in french a bit. But chance is you will want to extend your stay ! You can add to your experience with private classes, intensive courses or a wide variety of choices. Check out our courses to find the one that best fits your needs and do not hesitate to ask us your questions.

How advanced does my French need to be before I go on this course ? Do you have classes for beginners ?

Your french does not have to be advanced at all. You can be a complete beginner to study at Accent Français ! from A1 to C1, we’ll help you improve your french level, be more confident with your french speaking abilities and help you improve your pronounciation. After a few weeks in France, no doubt that you will sound a little more french already J

How do I get from the airport to my accommodation ?

If you’re staying with a host family, they will come and meet you at the airport or the train station !
If you choose another kind of accommodation we can organise a transfer for you at extra cost. Otherwise we will provide information on how to get to your accommodation.

How do I get to Montpellier ? Are flights included ?

Flights are not included. You can find out how to get to Montpellier or the nearby cities here.

Can I share with my friend ?

Yes you can stay with a friend ! we can accommodate for you and your friend to be hosted in the same family or find an accommodation big enough for two people. We also have group packages all year round. Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about our group solutions.

Do I need a visa to join ?

A very interesting tool is available to check your situation with official information.
Let's do it now :  france-visas.gouv.fr/en_US/web/france-visas/ai-je-besoin-d-un-visa

Which type of visa do I need to join ?

If you need a visa, you can join us with any type of visa : tourist, VLS-STS, student visa, etc. Please make sure however that the visa you will be applying for matches with your profile and goals. For example, a student visa application is relevant if you have a student profile (-28 years old) and must be supported by a formal pedagogical and study project.
More information right here.


Do I need to take out insurance ?

Accent Francais is a higher education institution registered with the rectorat de Montpellier since 1999. The same rectorate provides us each year with cards to distribute to students who request them. Students receive them on the first day, or can request them for free at the reception desk.

However, Accent Français is not a university and does not depend on Social Security. Indeed, most of our students outside Europe are BGF grant holders or students on supervised mobility and covered by Campus France or by their embassy.  Please note that foreign students enrolled in Universities approved by the Social Security system must, in order to benefit from this coverage:

  • be under 28 years of age
  • pay 215€ per year + the cost of a mutual insurance company MEP or LMDE for the percentage not covered by social security.

For our long stay students, not enrolled in a university, we recommend the services of the MEP or April International which offer cover at 39€ per month. 
Accent Français has taken out insurance to protect people on its premises and on field trips.
We strongly advise non-EU students to ensure that their health insurance covers their medical expenses.

We also advise you to take out a "civil liability" insurance policy to protect you in case of damage caused to a third party during your stay. Accent Français cannot be held responsible for theft, damage or loss of students' personal belongings during their stay.

There are companies specialised in language stays that we can recommend:

Can I work in France ? 

Working in France is possible with a student visa! You can find official information on the possible working conditions HERE.
Working during your stay in Montpellier can be a very good way to improve your French, but be aware that your level of French must correspond to the employer's expectations!

Do you have a work placement service ? 

No, we do not offer this service but in Montpellier it is quite easy to find small work contracts! Montpellier is a student city and you can apply for student contracts in many cafés, restaurants, shops, bookshops, etc.

Is accommodation included in the price ? 

Yes, but this is only possible upon presentation of the official visa refusal letter, and it must be provided at least 15 days before the expected arrival date.
For all questions related to the visa, we invite you to read this article available on our blog.

Do you refund me if I don't get my visa ?

Yes, but this is only possible on presentation of the official visa refusal letter, and it must be provided at least 15 days before the planned arrival date.

For all visa related questions click here to read an article dedicated to the matter

Yes, but this is only possible upon presentation of the official visa refusal letter, and it must be provided at least 15 days before the expected arrival date.
For all questions related to the visa, we invite you to read this article available on our blog.

Is your school's diploma valid for university ? 

It depends on the university, some give credits, others do not. Even if our certificate is not recognised by your university, it is still an advantage to speak French for your future and it can be a real help in your studies !

Can you register me at the university ? 

Yes, we have a pathway service to help students with their administrative procedures. We can help you with the administrative procedures, but the final choice depends solely on the university, its number of places and its capacity to accept foreigners.

For all questions related to our pathway / passerelle service, we invite you to consult this dedicated page available on our website

Do you have any promotions or special rates for Brazilian, Japanese or Russian students ? 

No, the price is the same for all nationalities, that's what makes our school rich, everyone has the same chance to participate in our programmes! 

How much does the B2 programme cost ? 

This depends on your starting level in French and the programme you choose. For each of the levels (A1, A2, B1, B2), you will need 10 weeks of work, which represents a total of 35 to 40 weeks when you are a complete beginner in French.

Our rates are degressive and by studying with us for as long as you do, you will benefit from our best rate on the programmes ! We invite you to consult our online price list.

How long does it take to become fluent ? 

To become fluent in French, you need to reach the B2 level, it takes about 35 to 40 weeks of immersion starting from a complete beginner level. You will quickly see the progress you make! 

Do you offer scholarships ? 

No, we do not offer scholarships. We invite you to read this article available on our blog.

Can I take the DELF / DALF exam at Accent Français ?

You can take the DELF / DALF exam in Montpellier, there are 2 exam centres and we offer to manage the administrative formalities at Accent Français in order to save you time.

Which French course / programme should I choose for my stay ?

Our team is at your disposal to assist you in the organisation of your stay and to help you select the programme that best suits your needs, your availability, your budget and your expectations. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this : contact@accentfrancais.com

What activities do you offer at Accent Français after school ?

We offer a weekly cultural programme throughout the year to enable you to make the most of your experience with us. The options are numerous: guided tour of Montpellier, contemporary art exhibition, outing to the beach or the lake in summer, tasting French products (pastries, cheeses, wines, local specialities), games, sports, excursions in the region (Nimes, Carcassonne, Avignon, Aigues-Mortes and Camargue, Marseille...)

Any other question ? Please contact us, we will be happy to answer them !


The team Accent Français