Seven years ago, I took a language course in Montpellier at the school Accent Français Montpellier. This was my very first international experience. First time staying abroad for longer than a month. First time living by my own. It was magnificent. I had an inspiring self-discovery and got to know great people. Thanks to them, I learned about different cultures and could practice my back then limited French and English. This experience in 2011 motivated me to go global. In 2018, I had the great pleasure to come back to Accent Français. I was in the most advanced class. Once again, I met inspiring people who reminded me that – as opposed to 7 years ago – I am truly cosmopolitan and worldly-wise. When they interacted with me, I could think of their beautiful home countries (most of which I visited) and had a deeper understanding of their cultural and linguistic background. Thus, communication was easy, and we benefited from reciprocal inspiration. I hope that I can utilize my intercultural skills in the future to achieve my goal: tackling global environmental challenges.