It is my pleasure to say that Accent Français has been one of the best language courses I have ever attended in my long list of courses abroad. I had the priceless opportunity to study there as part of the Leonardo da Vinci programme funded by the EU and I have been absolutely amazed by the overall experience there. Furthermore, it is also thanks to the certificate gained at Accent Français that I was able to apply to more advanced jobs once returned to London and advance in an international career where the knowledge of foreign languages was key. The quality of the study material was great: very relevant learning material linked to contemporary French debates (e.g. when we had to discuss migration in France) so that I felt I didn’t just learn French but also gained a good insight into the society and country I was living in; plus the daily hands-on experiences (such as visiting a chocolaterie or a wine castle) and excursions (to Marseille, to Nimes etc) meant I now have a real understanding of life in the wonderful South of France! Excellent teachers: very friendly, competent and supportive staff, always available for questions, for reviews, for extra time spent in explaining things according to our needs and... Ready to take us all for a nice coffee or a beer after school sometimes! I found this a very natural and yet very effective way to learn as I got to know my course mates and my teachers and I had the chance to practice French in a natural way, making friends of all ages and improving both my academic AND colloquial French skills. Plus, with so many new people to speak to...I never felt alone! Accent Français is situated in a stunning location: Based in the heart of Montpellier, next to some wonderful independent restaurants and cafés and a wonderful independent cinema with plenty of films accessible with student discounts; by being there I met so many new people I am currently still in touch with now after 4 years! Finally, the staff at Accent Français are AWESOME! I had the great opportunity to get to know them, to keep in touch and to go and visit them again two years later; a trip to the South of France will always include Montpellier for me from now on! In conclusion, YES I DO HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone to study there; this is a must-do experience in your lifetime!