Why choose a « Qualité FLE » labelled institute?

Why choose a « Qualité FLE » labelled institute?
17/08/2017, rédigé par Julie

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Why this label?

The « Qualité FLE » Label is the label that guarantees the quality of French as Foreign Language institutes. Thanks to the criteria of the self-evaluation grid, Accent Français institute has persistently become more and more efficient in all fields, from welcoming the public, infrastructures, management, trainings and teachers, now reaching the best notation: 3 stars in all 5 areas evaluated by the label.



What is a 3 stars institute?

A 3 stars institute is an institute that guarantees a well-thought and cared for stay from the first inquiry from the student, until the end-of-stay satisfaction survey.

It is an institute that guarantees a top of the notch teaching quality, with a 3 stars service and a modern pedagogy in order to not only successfully learn French, but also to be successfully immersed in the everyday French life all along the stay – a stay that will definitely catalyse personal growth.


How does an audit unfold?

The audit mission takes place on two and a half days.

Files from all five examined fields are consulted, previously given information are verified on-site regarding practice and the staff. Some classes are observed. Teachers and students are invited to share their experience.

All of the administrative and pedagogical procedures are examined in order to guarantee that what has been announced by the institute and the reality on-site are identical.


Why choose a "Qualité FLE" labelled institute?

  • A guaranteed satisfaction throughout the stay (from before arrival until the last contact after the stay) and in all areas: hospitality, accommodation, management, teaching and courses quality.
  • The guarantee of an institute dedicated to an on going improvement.
  • The guarantee of an institute embedded in international dynamics, in professional groups acknowledged by the Ministries and French official Institutions.
  • A guaranteed personalised stay and a team ready to listen and cater for all needs.


Why choose Accent Français?

Our team’s work is officially acknowledged for and the students’ satisfaction is our priority. It is, for all of us, even more pleasure to share our culture and our language in an extraordinary environment and in the best conditions to be welcomed in and to learn.

Everything is implemented to optimise your stay in Montpellier and enjoy it to its fullest.


It is this continuous process of improvement and of innovative, attractive and dynamic offers, that will always stay Accent Français’s priority!


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