I visited AF as an absolute beginner. The school is located in the middle of Montpellier, so I got used to the sound of French language very fast. The teachers spoke French from the first day on, but it was possible to ask for additional explanation anytime. The teachers at AF are very patient and qualified with regard to language knowledge as well as modern training skills, absolutely perfect! AF has a lot of students, that’s why they can offer a lot of different levels. AF helps you to find a class that fits best to your personal level. This makes it also very easy to come into contact with other people / students. The city Montpellier and the surrounding countryside offer a lot of activities (culture & nightlife in the city, beach in the south, mountains and rivers in the north). It is completely up to you, how much time you want to invest in learning French (half day / full day) or doing some activities outside. I visited AF for fun and for vacation, so it’s my own fault, why I still have to write this comment in English. But I am sure, if you want to learn French fluently within a short time period, AF is probably one of the best addresses in the southern France. Merci pour le grand temps et à bientôt.”